[My Picture] Carlo Strozzi

Viale 2 Giugno, 33/1
29015 Castel San Giovanni (PC)

My personal and professional profile

Upper School degree in Electronics and Control Systems, acquired in 1980 at "Istituto Tecnico G.Marconi", located in Piacenza (Italy) with a final score of 56/60.

Long professional career in high skill positions related with technology, information management, computer programming, communications and science.

Deeply rooted skills in Linux System Administration and Linux Project Management.

Strong foundations in electrical and telecommunications engineering, information technology, troubleshooting, repairing, testing, through-hole and SMD soldering, circuit breadboarding and use of common lab testing and measurement facilities.

Versed in mechanical works, with good craftsmanship capabilities.

Used to staffing and running geographically-distributed work groups (also in the quality of former CTO and CEO of a couple of small IT firms), to managing relationships with customers and suppliers, and to carrying out sales and negotiation processes.

While Italian is my mother tongue, I'm fluent with English, both spoken and written.

I'm happily married since 1992 with a not as happy [Big Grin :-D] but very forgiving woman, and I'm the lucky father of a bright and demanding son born in 2003.

Currently involved in microbiology and biochemistry laboratory automation, specifically with automated specimen streaking and incubation systems and their integration with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

For further information please Google for "Carlo Strozzi" or write to carlo@strozzi.it.

Last updated: April 13th, 2015