NoSQL command summary table
addcolumn Create new empty columns of a table at right
addrow Append a new empty record to a table
awktable Wrapper for 'awk' program to process a table
bsearch Search a table for lines matching a specified key
column An alias for getcolumn
compute Compute an arbitrary expression using column names
constraint database schema and referential-integrity processor
csvtotable Convert a CSV file into a table
ctime Turn column containing seconds since epoch into local time
depend An alias for deptable
deptable Test for functional dependency betwen two columns
edittable Use an editor to edit or modify a table
envtotable Convert ENVIRONMENT into a one row table
filter An alias for filtertable
filtertable Run standard utilities against a table
formtable Print an arbitrary style report of a NoSQL table
frametable Beautifier for easier table editing
getcolumn Pick columns by name, output columns in listed order
getrow Select rows based on arbitrary AWK expressions
gregorian Translate selected date columns from Julian to calendar
index An alias for indextable
indextable Generate table index files to be used by 'search'
islist Check whether an input file has a valid 'list' format
istable Check whether an input file has a valid table format.
itable Interactive front-end to NoSQL
jointable Join of two tables on a common field
julian Translate selected date columns from calendar to Julian format
justify An alias for prtable
keysearch Fast search for rows that begin with a given string
ldaptolist Queries an OpenLDAP server and formats a NoSQL list
listtotable Take a file in 'list' format and makes it into a table
makeschema Build a database schema from a list of tables
maketable Build a valid table header from an xref file
muxtosql Unordered sequence of name/value pairs to SQL statements
muxtotable Unordered sequence of name/value pairs to NoSQL table
mysqltotable MySQL server query to NoSQL table
nblparser Experimental NoSQL Brokering Language (NBL) interpreter
nltable Inserts a unique record identifier into a table
nosql Main wrapper for all NoSQL commands
notcolumn An alias for getcolumn to remove one or more columns
number An alias for nltable
project An alias for getcolumn
prtable Table formatter for character displays
psqltotable PostgreSQL server query to NoSQL table
random An alias for rndtable
rdbtotable Convert an /rdb or RDB table into NoSQL format
rename An alias for renamecol
renamecol Rename a column
repair An alias for repairtable
repairtable Append empty data fields to rows to match table header
rmcolumn An alias for getcolumn to remove one or more columns
rndtable Pick one or more table records at random
row An alias for getrow
search An alias for searchtable
searchtable Select rows on a multi-column key of a sorted/indexed table
seektable Extract rows at selected offsets of indexed NoSQL table
select An alias for getrow
setnames Set new column names on the input table
slapd-bind Experimental OpenLDAP 'back_shell' BIND processor
slapd-search Experimental OpenLDAP 'back_shell' SEARCH processor
slapdtonbl Experimental OpenLDAP 'SEARCH' to NBL converter
sorttable Sort a table by one or more columns
soundex Compute Knuth's soundex codes for selected columns
sqlitetotable Build a valid NoSQL table from a SQLite database table
subtotal Output subtotals of a table
summtable Show statistics about a NoSQL table
tablecat Concatenate multiple compatible tables
tabletocsv Convert a table into CSV format
tabletolist Convert a table into the corresponding 'list' format
tabletordb Convert a table into /rdb format
template An alias for xreftable
tmptable NoSQL temporary table creator for pipelines
total An alias for totaltable
totaltable Compute table totals
union An alias for uniontable
uniontable Build the "Universal Table" of one or more tables
unique Make a table unique on the primary key field
unsorttable Shuffle rows in a NoSQL table
update An alias for updtable
updtable Insert/update/delete table rows using an edit table
userproc Applies local processing to query results
usleep Command-line interface to usleep(3)
viewtable Visualize a table in a nice list-like format
widest print the max. width of each column in a table.
xreftable Build a table template file for the input table