Contributing code to NoSQL

I will welcome contributions to NoSQL, in the form of new operators, improvements to the current code and to the documentation, porting to other operating systems, and so on. Contributed code, however, will have to abide by the overall philosophy of NoSQL. Operators will have to be lightweight ones, written in C, AWK or any other language that has a small memory footprint and allows fast startup of the command.

While Perl is welcome for utilities that are meant to be used interactively by users at the shell prompt, and for seldom-used commands in general, it is fairly inefficient for operators that may occur several times along the same pipeline, as explained in Perl and NoSQL. Common UNIX shells, like bash(1) and zsh(1), which are great for interactive use, have similar drawbacks, but the availability of lightweight ones, like rc(1), ash(1), or even ksh(1), makes the lightweight shells viable within the operator stream paradigm, while I am unaware of any "lighter" versions of Perl.

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