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The pages below describe various aspects of using NoSQL. As you can see, the documentation is still incomplete. If you have suggestions, additions, or improvements for the documentation, please feel free to contribute them by editing the relevant pages, and by adding new pages where you think is appropriate.

Most operators take a --help argument, and a quick overview of all available commands can be seen by typing nosql --help (this is available starting from version 4.1.8-rc3).

Other similar database packages

Beside NoSQL and RDB there are other UNIX DBMS's, both commercial and free, that are based on ASCII tables. A commercial implementation is /rdb, by Revolutionary Software, while among the free ones there are Starbase, developed by John Roll, Fsdb, written by John Heidemann, Gunnar Stefansson's reldb, a collection of interesting tools available at sites that carry archives of the comp.sources.unix Usenet newsgroup, and many others.

The ASCII table format of those database engines is very close to that of NoSQL, therefore data can easily be converted back and forth between them and NoSQL.

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