CSA Download and Installation

You can download the latest CSA sources from http://www.strozzi.it/shared/csa/ .

Starting from version 1.0.2 the CSA development repository was moved from CVS to Subversion. Authorized users can download the latest development code from my Subversion server:

svn checkout --username anonymous  
Read files README and INSTALL that accompany the CSA source distribution. Most important, to run CSA you will need to have all of the prerequisite software utilities listed in the INSTALL file. As already outlined in Philosophy of CSA, CSA works with UNIX, not in addition to it, in that it relies mostly on underlying shell commands and utilities. By default, CSA is installed in /usr/local/csa/, but a different installation PATH can be specified at installation time. Again, see the relevant INSTALL file. For the rest of this document I will assume that you installed CSA in the default location, /usr/local/csa/.


Basic CSA Setup

CSA is designed to be run under a non-privileged user. If your Web server runs with root privileges even when it calls CGI programs (a sure way to fishing for troubles), I recommend you install a proper setuid wrapper. The one that I normally use is cgiwrap, which should work with any Web server that provides a standard CGI interface. Alternatively, if you run the Apache Web Server you may want to configure Apache's own suEXEC CGI wrapper. In the examples that follow I will assume that the Web server is running directly with the desired UID, so that no wrapper is needed. I will assume that the directory where your CGI programs leave is /usr/lib/cgi-bin/, and that your static HTML documents are located in /var/www/htdocs/. Installing and configuring the setuid wrapper, or any other prerequisite software packages and utilities, is outside the scope of this document and will not be covered here.

Once the basic CSA installation and setup is complete, as described in the README and INSTALL files, you may want to append additional local customizations to /usr/local/csa/etc/csa.rc . Here are mine:

# =====================================================================  
# Default CSA global rc(1) settings.
# =====================================================================
CSA_INSTALL_UTC='Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:51:28 GMT'
#CSA_RPC_MAXSIZE=100000 # Increase value to upload large files.
#CSA_AWK_NEWCACHE=1 # uncomment to always force cache rebuild.

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